Monday, 27 February 2012

       Yet another day finishing off little jobs. Yet another day rummaging around in B & Q - (quiz question - For what do the letters B & Q stand? Answer at the bottom of today's post). 

So, when I had picked up my bits and pieces, I fitted the curtain hooks to the curtain (bought online for 99p - Thank you eBay), then hung the curtain. (Fun fact - pictures, curtains and game are hung, only people are hanged). The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed the casing is now up to the left of the window. I cut the mitre at the top, measured and cut the length, gave it a coat of emulsion as an undercoat, then nailed it to the frame. I'll paint it with gloss tomorrow.

Curtain open...

...curtain closed.

Close-up of the curtain, showing the pattern.

Then I applied the rest of the veneer to the fireplace - I'll show that tomorrow, when I've removed the clamps, after the glue is dry.

Today's costs : -

I forgot to mention on Saturday's post, the planking for the shelves came from my local Freecycle network, so didn't cost me anything. Freecycle is an excellent organisation. We all need to recycle more - be it paper, glass, plastic or appliances. Without wishing to sound like a tree-hugger, the planet's in trouble and it's our fault. If someone else can use it, pass it on for free, don't throw it away.

Curtain Rail                                             £6.99

Curtain  (£0.99 + £6.50 p&p)                  £7.49

Curtain hooks                                         £2.48

Window casing                                       £4.98

Curtain tie-backs (£0.99 + £2.75 p&p)   £3.74

Curtain tie-back hooks                           £1.00

Walnut veneer                                        £9.00

Wood Glue £1.00 x 2 =                          £2.00

Today's Total : -                                      £37.68

Running Total : - £274.12

The answer - They are the initials of the surnames of the founders, Richard Block and David Quayle.

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