Saturday, 4 February 2012

What's this all about ?

Do you remember that Day when, at last, you left home for good ?

You moved on. You moved away, and you moved into a place of your own - you moved into a place where you could do as you pleased. A place where, from then on,  you were the boss, a place where you were the head of the house - you moved into that new place of your own. Here was your new beginning, here was a new place where you had your own plans, you had your own dreams, your own hopes, your own new ways and special means.

But what about that place that you had left behind ?

You'd lived there once. Once it was the place that you called Home. It may be that you have gone, but it's still there. So what happens to it next ?

This is a story about a room. Once upon a time there was a room and this room was Charlotte's Room. But then Charlotte grew up and Charlotte moved away. Charlotte had some babies of her own. And now Charlotte lives in Charlotte's House, where Charlotte's babies have rooms of their own.

Then, for a while, the Room was Tom's Room. But eventually, like Charlotte, Tom grew up, and Tom moved away, so now Tom lives in Tom's House. Tom lives in Tom's rooms in Tom's house.

Then the Room wasn't anybody's room anymore. But what would happen to the Room next ?

Well, for a while, it became The Back Bedroom.  Things went in and things came out. Just those everyday things - the Christmas decorations, the odd boxes and bundles, those handfuls of whatchamacallits. Those things that go to those places where those things go when we can't remember where those things should be. You know those things - those things that shouldn't be here but can't be there. They are the things that eventually go Under the Stairs or go Under The Sink or, at a push, that go into The Back Bedroom.

My house is a two-up-and-two-down-terraced-stone-built-Victorian-Lancashire-mill-workers-cottage. It's not a big house. And The Back Bedroom is one of the four rooms in it. It's a quarter of the place. It's twenty-five per cent of where I live. And so, because I've always wanted one, the Back Bedroom is going to become The Study. Here is the story of  from-bedroom-to-study.

I'll show you how I do it. I'll show you what I do and I will explain how I do it. It's going to be a work-in-progress, a blow by blow account, if you will, but it's also going to be somewhere where I can pass on hints, tips and thoughts on my lifetime's experience of mucking about with stuff.

So, how do you go about turning The Back Bedroom into a study ?

Here's how.

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  1. Good luck with your project can't wait to see your progress and finished result !