Sunday, 19 February 2012

Painting the wall red.

     Another early start (...ish, for a Sunday), and the wallpaper is dry and ready for a first coat of paint. The paint goes on easily, and things are cracking along swimmingly. While it dries, I tinker about with other things, and when it is dry, back up the ladder I go. Coat two covers the blotchy bits nicely and I feel like I'm getting somewhere. More tinkering follows, as more paint dries. Then, out comes the patterned paper and up on the wall it goes. 

The patterned paper goes further than I had expected, although I  will need to get a second roll tomorrow. I believe you will now be able to see the direction I'm going in from these photos. Once again, the flash isn't doing me any favours.

 I've put one length of border up here, to give some idea of how the whole will look.

It's all starting to take shape now.

Costs : -

Three rolls of 20 metre 2000 Grade Lining paper @ £7.99 per roll  =  £23.97
One can expanding foam                                                                  =  £ 3.99
Two cans of 2.5 litre Johnson's Rich Red Silk finish Emulsion paint @ £7.99 per can
                                                                                                         =  £15.98
Two cans of 750 ml B & Q Colours range Classic Red quick drying gloss paint @ £11.98 per can
                                                                                                         = £23.96
One packet Wallpaper paste                                                            = £  1.00

Today's total                                                                                           £68.90

Running Total : - £195.50

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