Monday, 20 February 2012

A Border Post

     Today began with a trip to Ovalworld, Blackburn, for another roll of paper, some more borders and a tub of border adhesive. Wouldn't you know it - I bought five rolls of border last week for a pound each, this week the same borders are on Manager's Special price at twenty pence each! So I got three more. The patterned paper is Graham and Brown Superfresco Colours range, pattern Splendor Red/Cream at £10.99 per roll, the borders are Arthouse Paparazzi, pattern Bellagio red.

I came home, hung the paper, put up a couple of lengths of the border, and spent the rest of the day filling in holes, sanding corners and varnishing edging strips. I also planed a quarter of an inch off the bottom of the door, then rehung it. I can't put the rest of the border up until the paper is dry. I've also ordered some walnut veneer to cover the fireplace.

Here's how things look now - and yet again, the flash on the camera is creating glare where none exists. 

One without camera flash...

One with camera flash

One without flash

...and another with...

Same shot without flash - see the difference?

Today's costs : -

Patterned Wallpaper 2 rolls @ £10.99 each                                         £21.98

Five rolls border @  £1.00                                                                    £ 5.00

Three rolls border @ 20p                                                                           .60

One tub border paste                                                                           £ 2.50

Total                                                                                                     £30.08

Running total = £225.58

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