Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Across the Border

     Completed putting up the borders today. It took longer than I anticipated, due largely to the fiddly cutting of mitres. Fiddly, but worth it I think. Rather than just overlapping the border, I've cut each one at 45 degrees (usually), which gives a much neater finish. I hadn't planned on going over the windows with border, but after having done the doorway, I thought it might be as well to do the windows too. And I think it works.

I've had to leave the left side of the window, as I need to replace the wooden casing first

Today's other job was replacing the light switches and electric socket. Not a big job, or so I thought. But, like most things in this house, at least one previous owner had done their own 'improvements'. Some folk shouldn't be let out on their own. We should sew up their pockets and keep them away from the spoons. Heaven only knows what whoever did the electrics was thinking, but somewhere along the line it had all got too much for them, and chaos followed. What I thought was a twenty minute job took two hours. Still, it's done now.

The switches and the socket were bought online.

Today's costs : -

Two brass light switches @ £1.99                                            £3.98
plus £1.89 p&p                                                                         £1.89

Brass socket £4.99 (free p&p)                                                 £4.99

Today's total                                                                             £10.86

Running total  = £236.44

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