Saturday, 25 February 2012

Left - on the shelf

     A number of things on today's to-do list. The first of which is to put up the curtain pole. Not a big job, if approached properly. Measure the centre point over the window, measure and mark the centre of the pole. Next, measure and mark the brackets on the wall. Drill with a masonry bit, insert rawlplugs and mount the brackets with screws. Slide one end of the pole through one of the brackets, slide the curtain rings onto the pole, and slide the pole through the other bracket. I am using just one curtain, so I want to be able to open it from either side - if you are using two curtains, put a curtain ring on either end of the pole on the outside of the brackets, which will stop the curtains from moving across the window. Then put the finials onto the ends of the pole. These were a bit loose on mine, so I have glued them (if you can see a gray tape in the picture, that's Duck Tape holding them in place until the glue sets).

Then, I screwed the tie-back hook onto the casing of the window and hung a tie-back cord onto it. I will do the other side when I get the piece of casing.

 Finally, shelving. I have decided to put the widest shelves in the alcove to the left of the chimney breast. Once more, the secret is preparation. Measure accurately, use plumb lines, set squares and spirit levels. Measure twice and cut once - remember. The supports are cut and drilled, the wall marked and drilled, rawlplugs inserted and the supports screwed into place. (A couple of tips - 1) After drilling the holes, wiggle a screw in the hole to remove any remaining plaster dust, the plug should then go in easier. 2) Tap the rawlplug into place with a rubber mallet - if you miss the plug, rubber will do less harm than metal to the wallpaper). Measure and cut the shelf to length. Put the shelf onto the supports and pin into place. From the remainder of the plank, cut another length of wood a quarter of an inch longer than the height of the shelf. Mark the centre of the shelf, and pin the second piece into place. This acts as a support for the span of each shelf (see pictures).

And last of all, I put up a hanging shelf between the windows. I will put another above it another day, and post pictures of how it is mounted then.

A Good Day. Things are most definitely taking shape now. After I have laid the final pieces of the flooring, stained and fitted the beading on The Stage and chimney breast, put beading onto the skirting boards, and fitted the casing on the left of large window, then the decorating should be finished, and I can make a start on the furnishing.

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