Saturday, 11 February 2012

A Day Off

     Saturday. A Day Off. Went to Ilkley, (...sans chapeau...), to pick up an eBay item, stopped off in Skipton and Ilkley to scour the charity shops for furnishing pieces (with some success ... details will follow as they appear in The Study), then to Gordon Rigg's in Walsden for some plants. I've been shopping at Rigg's for donkey's years - it's the very best garden centre in England, in my opinion. It may not be the biggest, but the choice of plants is amazing, and they also sell all manner of other things too. I have often spent half a day just wandering about, and I always come away having spent more than I intended to, as I inevitably come across a bargain that I simply must have.


  1. Gordon Riggs brings back so many good childhood memories :)

  2. Glad you like Gordon Riggs. Hope we see you again soon!

    Gordon Rigg