Friday, 10 February 2012

A Stage Further

     A mixed day today, doing bits and pieces. I got two more packs of cladding and finished covering The Stage. Then, I gave the lot a first coat of varnish.

The second job was to give the small window another coat of paint - I think it will need a total of three for good coverage.

 Thirdly, I took the door off, removed the handles, and gave it a coat of Ronseal Quick and Easy Brushing Wax, colour Cherry. I had half a tin left over from another job, so no added cost. This is fabulous stuff, brush it on, leave it to dry and then buff up with a soft cloth. And you can wash the brush with soapy water. The only down side is that wood loves this wax, and drinks it in like a Russian sailor with a 48 hour pass, so you get through quite a lot of it.

Bare wood

Half waxed


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