Monday, 13 February 2012

Going Up the Wall

     Another day of hanging paper, adding next coats of varnish and paint, filling in little knocks and holes and so on. It's coming along, in its own sweet time, and I'm feeling I'm slowly getting there. Another day, or two at most, and I'll probably be ready to start the flooring. You can see here how The Stage looks after its third coat of varnish. 

The wallpaper looks wrinkly, but it's still wet, so will flatten as it dries.

And here's how two of the walls look after a coat of paint. The flash on the camera has put a nasty glare on the pictures, so later pictures will look a little better (I hope).

There's not much more to add today.


  1. Just having another go...what profile should I select?????

  2. Well that worked...It's all looking brill. You should get more followers tho.....