Tuesday, 14 February 2012

More walls, more painting

     As predicted, another day painting and hanging paper. This first photo shows the wall above The Stage - obviously all wrinkly, as it's wet.

You are watching paint dry again ...
The flash on the camera is bleeding the colour out of the paint - it is much darker, and redder, whereas it looks pink here.

This is the other side of the door - again, far too pink.

The wall with the windows has been on my mind. I've filled the gaps, cut the foam back, sanded it, filled the holes and bumps with filler, but I'm still not happy with it. I decided to fall back on something I've used before on problem walls. I covered the whole area with Warmaline. This is 2 mm polystyrene on a roll. It's designed as an insulating product, to add a layer of insulation to walls that are subject to exposure to cold. But it is also great for covering problem walls. 

A few points about it. You must use ready-mix paste with it. Ordinary paste, no matter how thick you mix it, will not hold it - being polystyrene it won't absorb liquid. For really problem areas, use border or overlap read-mix paste, for extra adhesion. You must also leave it for a minimum of 72 hours after application before over-papering - it needs time for the ready-mix to dry thoroughly. Cut it with shears, not a craft knife. Handle it very carefully - it tears and breaks extremely easily. On the plus side, you can patch it easily, as it's thick enough to butt up the edges neatly. Take care when smoothing it - don't use a hanging brush, but a soft cloth, bunched into a pad. Try to avoid using your bare hands to smooth it - run a hand over it too quickly and it gives you a friction burn. 

Here's how the completed wall looks. 

I also spent some time tinkering with some other things, which I will show you when I start moving the furniture in. There are some really nice things, but I want to show them as I put them in place.

As I can't paper for three days, I think it's time to make a start on the floor tomorrow. I hate laying flooring but needs must....

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