Monday, 5 March 2012

Walking out

     Today was a lovely day, so I went for a walk in the park. Consequently, I didn't do much in the study. I made up my mind about the plant stand, and so gave it a first coat of gloss. It's pitch pine, so it drinks paint like a poet on payday, and will probably need about four coats.

Here's a little cabinet I bought from Chorley for £10. It looks a bit like a campaign chest, the sort of thing a military man would take with him when fighting Johnny Foreigner in the days of Empire, but is a modern piece, which the previous owners had used to house a stereo unit. The back has been knocked out, and, as can be seen, the faux drawer front, in the same way as the bureau, opens as a door, and the top lifts on hinges. When all is said and done, it's a cupboard, but suits the room.

I put up a second floating shelf on the exterior wall. Not much of a job, but do remember to use a spirit level when putting these up - you don't want your things rolling off onto the floor.

I bought this stick/umbrella stand on eBay from Primroselondon - it's a cast iron repro piece, quite heavy and well made. It cost a weighty £24.45 including p&p, but I love it already and think it's worth the money - a period one would probably have cost twice the price. You can see the quality from the detailing, and I like the slightly distressed look. I'll show you some of my sticks at a later date.

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