Monday, 12 March 2012

Down Town

     I spent this morning waiting in for a parcel, which needed to be signed for. Another model, this time HMS Victory - a kit I've wanted since I was about ten, but never seemed to get around to buying (eBay - £5.99 plus £3.35 p&p). Then I walked down to town, through the park (my stick insects need food, plenty of bramble and privet in a park), to the market for the fringing for the stool ( two metres at £1.27 per metre), some other bits and bobs ( including the DVD of the first series of the BBC Sherlock for a mere £2.99 in a charity shop). When I got back home, I re-assembled the stool, and finished off the upholstery. I put the fringe on, held by daisy-headed brass tacks ( online purchase - £3.09 per hundred). I haven't put the hinges on yet (hardware shop in Clitheroe, £2.40 per pair), but here's a couple of pictures to show how it looks. I think I might satin varnish it, then wax polish it. The varnish will protect the surface, the wax will give the look I'm looking for. I don't have any sash clamps to hold the stool together ( I don't make that many windows), so a simple work around is to use heavy books, piled up on the item to hold the joints tight. Not ideal, but it does the job.

Of course, everything in the study is now covered with a fine film of wood dust and varnish. I need to clean up in the morning. 

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