Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Spring has Sprung.

     Traditionally, the 21st of March is the Spring, or vernal, equinox, marking the end of Winter.

Carrying on with the map of India and Ceylon, I've made an Indian wall. There is the map, of course, which you've already seen. I framed three old postcards, which I inherited, to go along with them. One of my ancestors brought them back from India, but I'm not quite sure which one it was - I suspect it was either my Grandfather, Thomas William, or his brother, Joseph. Both served in the Army, during the First World War, and both brought home many postcards, which have all come down to me. I know my Grandfather was in Egypt, and there are many cards from there, but there are also cards from India. 

The top card shows the interior of the railway station at Rawal Pindi, (following partition, Rawal Pindi is now in Pakistan, but as part of British India it housed the largest military garrison in the sub-continent).

The middle one is captioned " The 'Jirga' (Tribesmen Political Meeting in a Frontier Village under Gurkha Guard)."

As a boy, I remember my Grandfather mentioning serving alongside the Gurkhas in Egypt, and what splendid soldiers and fearsome fighting men they were. The British public have a great regard for the Gurkhas, regardless of how shabbily our politicians have treated them of late. I have never, ever, heard anyone say one bad word against them, but I have heard many, many good ones.

The bottom card bears the caption, " Afghan Peace Delegates 1919".

Plus ca change ...

Beneath the map is a circular, wooden carving of a temple, bought for £3.49 in a charity shop in Skipton. It looks a bit Taj Mahal-ish to me.

Above the lot is an embroidered and sequined hanging depicting Lord Shiva. I bought this new for £8 on eBay. It's cotton, dyed with vegetable dyes, you can't really see the sequins here.

Beside the hanging is a fly-whisk, bought many years ago. I forget when and where.

I expect to add more to the wall in time.

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