Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Turning the Table

     Another day painting, sanding and varnishing. I sprayed the insects with a mist of tepid water, poked about with the fruit flies, and spent ages looking for the mantids, which  have become adept at hiding amongst ivy. I've yet to see one feed, even though they now have a choice of flies or crickets.

Rather than inflict more pictures of paint drying on you, here's another piece of furniture to look at. It's a small mahogany side-table, sometimes referred to a hall table or a telephone table. It's a modern piece, probably from the seventies or eighties, and quite nice for its type. It has a serpentine front, which matches the bureau, two front drawers with Regency style brass handles, a veneered top with double line inlay (sometimes known as 'stringing'), and cock-beading on the drawers and side panels.

As can be seen from the underside of the drawers, the bottom has been stapled in place (unlike the brass screws on the bureau), and on the inside the screw heads of the handles are left exposed.

Looking at the back of the table, you can see the rougher finish of the carcase. Tables like these have been made to stand against a wall, and as no-one will see the back of them, they are not finely finished. Dealers sometimes use the term 'dry and untouched' for this.

This was another eBay auction win. I paid £27 for it, from a seller in Rishton. I should update the costs, I think, as I keep forgetting about them.

Costs : -

Glass fronted cabinet                                   £10

Small cabinet                                               £10

Umbrella stand                                            £24.45

Mahogany table                                          £27

Today's total                                               £71.45

Running total : = £409.29

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