Sunday, 11 March 2012

Stooling for time

      Even with power tools, sanding the piano stool took all day. The spindles in particular were fiddly, but the base panel took ages, although it's not all that big. Quite a bit of time I spent replacing sheets of glass paper on the sander, as they kept wearing out.

When I reassemble the stool, I need to replace the dowels. Now, when this stool was made, imperial measurements were the order of the day, but now the world has more or less switched to metric measures, I won't be able to get imperial dowels (well, not easily). Standard metric dowels are 8mm or 1cm - and 8mm are too small, 1cm too big. The obvious solution is to re-drill the holes to fit 1cm dowels. I had to drill out the old dowels anyway, so using a slightly larger bit means the 1 cm dowels will fit.

The rest of the time was spent staining the wood. Here's how the pieces look now. 

I'll get some braiding tomorrow, and I already have some decorative brass tacks, so all being well, the stool should be more or less finished then.   

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