Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Lights, action.

       What I imagined would be a quick sweep round soon turned into a wholesale Spring clean. I swept up the worst of the dust, then got on my hands and knees with a spray and a duster and started scrubbing. Cleaning one surface exposed the dirtiness of another. So I wiped, and buffed, and polished. For ages. And ages. Eventually, I thought I'd got there. Things were bright and beautiful. But it had taken  most of the day. I went downstairs, put the kettle on and put out the bins. On my way back in, I noticed a dreadful smell. The drain was blocked. So I had a happy hour rodding, prodding and poking, until I cleared the obstruction and got the water draining again. By now it was almost tea time, so I put thoughts of more decoration aside, made a curry and watched the BBC news.

Here's another table (how many tables does one man need, you may ask ?). This is a sofa table, bought for £10 from a charity shop in Clitheroe. Sofa tables developed from Pembroke tables in the latter part of the 18th century, and, as the name suggests, were made to stand beside sofas, which were becoming more popular at that time. They typically have leaves at either end, and single or double drawers. This example has lyre shaped supports (which matches the shape of the magazine rack), and stands on square lion's paw castors. The top veneer needs some restoration, and the gilding on the leather top is worn away. I'll work on the veneer later, but leave the gilding. Sometimes one can overdo things. I want some signs of wear and tear, to give that lived in look.

Yesterday I bought a brass teapot. Here it is. It cost one pound (yep, charity shop). I'm going to use it to water the plants.

And here are a couple of lamps. The brass base of this one came from a charity shop in Ilkley, and cost £3.95. The wiring was extremely dodgy, so I stripped the thing down and replaced the lot, and put in a torpedo switch (£2.80, from B & Q). Then I ordered a glass chimney from an eBay seller (£7.49 + £3.95 p&p). As an alternative I also bought a globe shade, which cost £15 from a charity shop, again in Clitheroe.

The candlestick lamp I bought yesterday, again from a charity shop. Another £3.95 purchase. The lamp had a sticker attached, saying it had been checked by a qualified electrician and passed as safe, so that saved a job. Further down the street, in another charity shop, I picked up a pair of shades, which fit perfectly, for £1.75.

Now, doesn't that look cosy?

Today's costs :-

Sofa table                                              £10

Brass teapot                                          £1

Brass lamp base                                   £3.95

Glass chimney (inc. p&p)                      £11.44

Globe shade                                         £15

Torpedo switch                                     £2.80

Candlestick lamp                                  £3.95

Pair of lampshades                               £1.75

Today's total                                         £49.89

Running total : - £513.81

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